The Rising Issue Of Poverty In Nigeria

As a country with a population of over 150 million people and its people gathered according with their ethnic divides, language or religion, Nigeria has noticed several ethnic and religious crises.

It is to not be problematic that Nigeria is a multi-ethnic and spiritual country. It can be not to be contended that most of the issues in the united states are either blamed on faith and ethnicity. In addition to the Maitatsine carnage that took place many years back in the northern the main country; Nigeria lately observed yet another strike from a small grouping of spiritual people who opposes almost everything about european education. In Hausa language, the phrase "Boko" suggests "training", while "Haram" stands for "crime" or "wicked ".When the two phrases are joined together, you would be surprised to find something like this: "Training is Sin/Evil ".

Though it is extremely unusual for one to come up with such an indisputable fact that could only achieve consigning a nation or people UTME  the memorial of antiquity, however our governments have now been expressing those worse and carrying them out in varied manners. These words of the us government are in fact worse than that type of thought as shown by these spiritual fanatics. That's to express that "Boko" has really became "Haram" in Nigeria before the advent of those militants.

In Nigeria today, everything about knowledge is extremely expensive thus helping to build unaware areas throughout the country. Education which will be the springboard to any financial and social development must be given adequate attention by the government. It will be observed that knowledge is what helps a nation meet up with the issues of the current earth of science, however most people in Nigeria have now been rejected the opportunities of giving their young ones to college as a result of large cost of knowledge fees.

It is appalling that also main school education that delivers most Nigerian kids with the initial conventional contact with conventional education is refused them. In contradiction to the constitution of Nigeria which provides that each person has the best to education, major knowledge has over time remained elective for the Nigerian child. If knowledge is never to be observed today as evil, the government should participate fully in training the Nigerian child. That involvement, aside from advancement and curriculum design, provision of equipment, an such like, the government must provide the funds for direction and get a handle on of guys and resources and assist in the preparation of a feasible instructional policy that should be followed. The Nigerian government by the 1976 Training Plan provided free knowledge for kids of major school era (UPE) which made it required for parents to cause their children, generally, to attend school.

Nowadays, the General Fundamental Education (UBE) with its wonderful and engaging plans hasn't really collection the basketball coming to make knowledge a must for each and every college era child. The schools continue to be lacking simple academic infrastructure and since formal knowledge involves plenty of money, the federal government should remain up to give knowledge the needed form and colour. However, if Nigeria must accomplish the control role that your African continent and indeed most nations of the entire world assume from her, education shouldn't be manufactured to check like evil or crime to any person of Nigeria. The government should certainly show to the whole population that "Boko" (education), as has been built to appear, isn't actually "Haram" (evil).

Vitus Ejiogu is a writer and author with the Fire-Brand Int"m Ministries, a media ministry that's located in Nigeria.